If you need notarization...

My translations can be notarized (meaning that my signature on the translations can be certified by the notary public as genuine). This requires a visit to the notary. Anybody may pay this visit to the notary, but if it is me who does it for you, the additional cost is 20 RON. In this case, you must hand over the original documents to me until the notarization is over, as they must be shown to the notary public. In exchange of the original documents you will get a receipt proving that the originals are in my custody.

For any translations requiring notarization, you must fill in a request form addressed to me (the translator), which can be downloaded from

My charges


Pages/order |  RON/page
   1 - 2  |   60
   3 - 10 |   

  11 - 20 |   50
  21 - 30 |   45
  31 - 50 |   

  51 - ...|   35

If you need more than one counterpart of my translations, I charge 5 RON for each additional copy. However, if the document consists of more than 10 pages, the charge is 1 RON/page for additional copies.

: NO VAT will be added to my charges.
Charges updated on: May 1st, 2022.

Notary's charges

Besides these costs, there are also the notary fees, which currently amount to 
36 RON/document issued in one copy, and for each additional copy the fees amount to 6 RON.

NOTE: The notary's charges include the VAT.

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