Charges for certified translation (bearing only the translator's seal)



Pages / order  |   RON / page*
  1 - 2     |    30
  3 - 10    |    25
 11 - 30    |    24
 31 - 50    |    23
 51 - ...   |    22

* One page of translation means 2000 characters (spaces included), calculated on the text resulting after translation. No matter how small a document is, it will be charged as one page at least.

!!! If the translation must be ready within less than 24 hours (within the bounds of my possibility), an extra charge of 30% will be added.

For specialized texts (technical or medical), an additional charge ranging between 20-60%, depending on the difficulty degree, will be added to the aforementioned charges.

In the case of translations from one foreign language into another foreign language (EN-FR or FR-EN), the charge per page will be increased by 50% as compared to the translation into/from Romanian language (EN-RO/RO-EN or FR-RO/RO-FR).

If you need more than one counterpart of my translations, I charge 5 RON for each additional copy. However, if the document consists of more than 20 pages, I charge 10 RON for each additional copy.

If your translation requires notarization, please go to Notarized translation.

NOTE: No VAT will be added to the charges mentioned above.
Charges updated on: July 1st, 2018.

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