Services I provide and their costs:

- TRANSLATION certified by the Ministry of Justice into/from the following languages: EN-RO, RO-EN, FR-RO, RO-FR, EN-FR, FR-EN (to see the costs, please refer to section Certified translation or Notarized translation, depending on what you need)

- CERTIFICATION OF PRE-EXISTING TRANSLATIONS, according to the aforementioned language combinations, the relevant charge being 50% of the translation charge.

- NOTARIZATION (i.e. legalization of the translator’s signature) - trip to the notary's office RON 20.

- CERTIFIED COPIES OF DOCUMENTS ISSUED IN FOREIGN LANGUAGES (other than Romanian) (a certified translator must assist the notary in the process of certifying a photocopy to be identical to the original by checking their content before it is certified by the notary), 10 RON/document + trip to the notary's office (RON 20).

- DESKTOP PUBLISHING of the translation, by strictly observing the aspect of the source document (format, images, graphs, diagrams, tables) – included in the translation charge

- INTERPRETING for foreign citizens at: notary public, banks, police, courts of law and other institutions: 200-250 RON (the first hour, which includes the trip in Bucharest, depending on the distance to be covered) + 100 RON (each additional hour)

- DELIVERY - 20 RON or free of charge (for orders exceeding 300 RON)

The translated documents can be handed over to the client in printed form (only the 1st copy is free of charge, any additional copies are charged separately) or by e-mail (free of charge).

NOTE: No VAT will be added to the charges mentioned above.

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